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Archives Events • 2020-08-13

PKF Free Webinar - 2nd Series

10 am – 11.30 am
August 26, 2020
Microsoft Teams LIVE Webinar

This is the 2nd series of PKF free webinar providing businesses with tax planning strategies and opportunities during the unprecedented COVID 19 pandemic In this webinar, we will be discussing on the new definition of Small Medium Enterprise understand the potential tax implications related to intercompany financing, and also the tax planning opportunities available to SME

With the current challenging economic climate, it is crucial not only for businesses to ease their cash flow to sustain their business, but it is also equally important to ensure compliance with the tax legislation in order to mitigate any potential tax risk We highly encourage companies to attend this free Webinar not just to have a better understanding on the current tax environment, but also providing companies with effective tax saving strategies

Programme outline

Tax saving strategies during COVID-19: -

  • New definition of SME and tax planning strategies to achieve tax efficiency
  • Tax planning strategies and tax risks for intercompany financing
  • Maximising tax deduction on capital expenditure incurred
  • Tax reliefs for manufacturing activities
  • Latest updates on reduction of waiver of rental income
  • RPGT exemption on disposal of residential property

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